Talented Dentist in the Arden Area Offering Cosmetic Fillings

Cosmetic dental fillings are one of the best ways to improve the look of your smile. Many people are embarrassed about discoloration or decay that may be present in their teeth. These problems can cause a noticeable difference in your smile, but a tooth filling can combat that by using a material, usually composite, to treat decay and restore the damaged tooth’s appearance to that of a normal and healthy one. Wasson Family & Cosmetic Dentistry specializes in dental fillings and many other cosmetic procedures in Arden. We provide comprehensive care for our clients.

Gain Confidence With Pearly White Teeth

If you have a cavity or other form of tooth decay, you might be wondering what the best treatment is. There are both temporary and permanent choices, and if you select filling, you can even choose fillings that contain composite resin with ceramic and no silver. White fillings cover the tooth and look natural while preventing any further decay, so they are a popular choice for clients concerned with cosmetics.

Tooth-colored fillings are considered the best option for many people. If you want a beautiful and healthy smile, we can help you get it.

Also Serving Asheville & Surrounding Areas

Wasson Family & Cosmetic Dentistry serves clients in Arden and Asheville by providing comprehensive dentistry services. We can give you the beautiful smile you dream of through dental bridge and dental filling options. We take pride in giving people the confidence of a great smile. If you would like more information on how we can help, you can reach out to us. Call 828-274-2815 for appointment availability.
Talented Dentist in the Arden Area Offering Cosmet