The Latest Trends in Dental Technology

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Dental offices are becoming more high-tech with each passing year, and that technology can have a positive impact on your next visit. Do you want to know more about what changes have been made or may be on the horizon? Here are some of the latest trends to upgrade your dental care.

Dental Implants

General dentists and specialists alike are offering dental implants more frequently as an alternative to traditional bridgework as well as partial and full dentures. Implants are used as a replacement for lost teeth, and can work well with a patient’s remaining or healthy teeth. A dentist would need to evaluate patients for this treatment because it may not be an option for everyone.

Updated Software

Some offices have gone to software and even apps that make it easy for patients to update their medical histories or schedule appointments. These apps provide another opportunity for people who are on the go but still want to make sure they receive regular dental care.

CAD/CAM Technology

With computer-aided digital images, your dentist can create a more accurate impression of the oral structures than with a customary and messy impression. This technology can also be used to manufacture crowns in the office, usually with only one appointment.

These and other new technologies are making dental visits easier and more comfortable for many patients. If you want to know more about dental services contact Wasson Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Arden.