Reasons to Consider Teeth Bonding

Teeth bonding works to cover gaps to provide you with a more even and aesthetic smile. It is an alternative to procedures, such as porcelain veneers.

Natural Feel and Look

The resin used in teeth bonding feels and looks much like your natural teeth. With the proper care, including avoiding staining foods and drinks and daily dental hygiene, teeth bonding lasts a long time and does not stand out against your natural teeth.

Simpler Procedure

Compared to procedures like applying porcelain veneers, teeth bonding is much simpler and there is less trauma to the teeth due to fewer steps in the process. There is also less preparation before bonding so you will spend less time at your dentist.

No Metal Used

Teeth bonding uses a dental resin to bond and does not use metals as part of the process. In fact, there are no potentially toxic materials, such as mercury, used as part of teeth bonding.

Stronger Teeth

Teeth bonding can help to strengthen the teeth. The bonding resin is strong and hard, helping to make the teeth it bonds more stable.

If you want to maintain a healthy and aesthetic smile, teeth bonding is an option. To learn more about the reasons to consider teeth bonding, call Wasson Family & Cosmetic Dentistry at 828-274-2815.