Getting Your New Dental Crown

Your dentist may recommend dental crowns for various reasons. You may have a weak tooth that needs to be held together. The tooth may have a large filling that the natural tooth structure cannot contain. Perhaps you needed a root canal along with the filling. Your tooth may also have become highly discolored or you may simply wish to have a crown for cosmetic purposes.

What Are Crowns?

Crowns are fixed prostheses that are cemented onto existing teeth to cover damage so that the teeth are protected, and their appearance is improved. There are several types, including porcelain, ceramic, resin and stainless steel.

The First Appointment

In the first phase of the procedure, your dentist examines the affected tooth to ensure that it can support a crown and then files it down in preparation for a new crown. An impression of the tooth is made and sent to a dental lab, which makes the crown. You will have a temporary crown in place until the final crown is ready.

The Second Appointment

The dentist removes the temporary crown and replaces it with the new crown. An adhesive is used to fasten the crown to the tooth. The dentist checks your bite and may need to make minor adjustments.
Crowns are made to handle normal activity, such as chewing, biting and grinding. They will look, feel and work like a regular tooth over time. To learn more about what to expect when getting a dental crown, call Wasson Family & Cosmetic Dentistry at 828-274-2815.